Our story actually started when owner Jason was 14 years old. He brought home a dog from a less than discerning breeder, but being a somewhat irresponsible teenager his father told him to return the dog as he wasn’t convinced he was up to the task.

However, in a few years’ time eventually dad relinquished and brought home a pure-bred English Staffy (called Buster), and he quickly fell in love with the breed.

Jason’s then girlfriend (now wife and mother of their 3 kids) Pamela soon bought a female Staffy and they had their first litter of pups. The joy of bringing those little ones into the world was when he knew this is what he wanted to do with his life.


In 2009 they imported their first male stud and 2 females from a well-respected UK breeder that Jason had developed a great connection with, having spent many hours on the phone discussing specifics of the breed and in fact learning a great deal.

Even with house and car repayments looming and their first boy James having just been born, they put everything on the line in order to do things the right way… and the results speak for themselves.

4 years later they imported another stud male from the UK called Shadow, and are about to add yet another English gentleman into the mix named Ronin.


Raising dogs is a family affair at ALLBLUESTAFF. Although their oldest son James is admittedly more of a ‘cat man’, he helps wherever he can, whilst the younger two kids are through and through Staffy lovers.

Their youngest Ava is amazing with the pups, and besides always requesting that they keep one from each litter, enjoys nothing more than playing with the pups in the house and out in the sun.

Whelping (female dog giving birth to puppies) night is a family affair with everyone being there to support the birth, as it’s good for the kids and great for the dogs. 

We love our Staffys, and we know you will too.